How to care for Crown Tail Betta Fish?

Look at the pictures of some crown tail bettas above. They look awesome right. They are delicate too, they need more care. These fish look so beautiful outside, however they have a fighting attitude inside.

If you look at closely at the crown fish betta tail, it most looks like a crown, and hence they get the name “Crown fish Betta” .

Tips to take care of your Crown Tail Betta :

  • Like any other betta, these bettas should be kept in slightly warm water (28-30 degrees Celsius is ideal temperature).
  • Like other Siamese fighting fish, the crown tail betas need high protein diet. Frozen bloodworms or a similar life food should be provided. For daily feedings a betta pellet should also be given.
  • Since these are fighting fish, its ideal to have only one male per aquarium; however more number of females in a aquarium is fine.
  •   Do not place sharp object like rocks of stone, betta’s crown tail is big and it might get cut when swimming around these objects.

Male betta fish can live in a tank with a lot of other species but avoid the ones that might nip the fin of your betta.