Raising Betta Fry

You know one of the first rules of raising fry I can advise you is this, DON’T mess with them. LOL for the first two weeks I don’t even change the water or filter the bottom. I give them Micro-worms for the first week and then begin using BBS baby brine shrimp. It is my feeling that new breeders try to hard to raise there fry. Let nature take its course. As long as the bottom doesn’t have tons of gunk on it the fry will be just fine.



I do however add a gallon a day to the tank over that period of time and when its full then I remove 2 gallons every other day. I have been fortunate to be able to raise my spawns with out significant losses, using this method. Before that I would loose many fry from my interventions. This I am passing on to you. Fry grow very quickly and need 3 feedings a day. Be prepared for this, be sure to have a culture of MW or Vinegar eels ready for day 3 and have your BBS ready for end of week one. Try to feed only what the fry will eat at a setting as decaying food will poison the water.

As your fry grow they need larger and more nutrients in there food, obviously as your food source changes it becomes easier on you. Red worms for instance come frozen in squares nicely formulated to feed, and you don’t need to raise them. Simply thaw and feed to your fry. However until they are ready for this size food you will be working to make food sizeable for them to eat. Grind or chop the worms up and feed SPARINGLY but often, again two or three times daily.