What are Betta bulbs ?

Betta Bulbs are ones which when placed in aquarium become aquarium plants. Betta bulbs are usually cryptocorynes plants. These bulbs are avialable in any petco. Drop the bulb in your tank, some will float, some will sink. Within a couple days you’ll notice roots and leaves sprouting off of it. They don’t require a lot of light and will grow well when you get ones that will grow. Sometimes they sprout sometimes not. They are nice little plants, don’t require a lot of care, or a lot of substrate. They will latch on to whatever substrate you have, but it does need to have some substrate.

There are many types of Betta Bulbs. Some of them are listed below.

Apnogetons Bulbs:
Aponogetons can thrive with relatively low light. Apnogetons need soft water to have a healthy growth, in hard water, the growth may be small and it may lose leaves. Apnogetons is a decorative plant for low light conditions. Aponogetons have many different leaf shapes, but they tend to be attractive plants. Aponogetons have what is called a bulb, but is actually a called Rhizome. The bulbs are often sold dry, sometimes under the name, “Betta Bulbs.” The package may say they are guaranteed to grow. In my experience they will grow, but the growth will be very disappointing if the water is very hard. If the water is soft the growth will be impressive.

Cryptocorynes Bulbs:

These will grow fast in less lit tanks. Sunlight or bright aquarium lit makes algae growth on leaves. Cryptocorynes are slow growng plants. you need a lot of patience. Do not move your Cryptocorynes from one tank to another, they may die OR take a long time to re grow in the new tank. Sometimes just moving them to another tank with different lighting and water conditions will make their leaves wither and disintegrate. Cryptocorynes (and most rooted plants) root best in a smaller substrate about the size of a b-b.Their roots and rhizomes grow right below the surface and spread widely. Gravel vacuum cleaners will disturb them greatly.For darker tanks and dimly lit tanks, Cryptocorynes are the best.