Why is my Fish tank Cloudy? – Betta Fish and White Cloud

Cloudy water in the aquarium is not really a rare problem and everyone who is growing fish faces this problem at one time or the other. But one has to understand the theory of this cloudy water and has to have a clear knowledge about this subject. Cloudy water is very common and can be caused by several things. Very often cloudy water will not appear the instant an aquarium is set up. If the water is cloudy immediately, or within a couple of hours of filling the tank, it is probably due to the gravel being insufficiently washed. If washing the gravel does not solve this problem, the next most likely cause of cloudy water in a newly filled tank is a high level of dissolved constituents such as phosphates, silicates, or heavy metals. This is very common in new tanks until the biological filter has established itself. This will normally settle out on its own or will be removed by the filter. One should know the reasons for this problem, it’s effects and the preventive methods.

Before taking any steps, one should be sure about the cloudy water., Sometimes the new gravel in the tank causes water to get dirty and one may think it is cloudy water. But the dirt settles down after sometime.

If you see a brownish or a yellowish color in the form of a cloud giving an unclear view of the things in the tank, you can be sure of the cloudy water. This is caused basically due to

* Decaying of organic matter (like plants in the tank)
* Formation of bacterial colonies
* Unbalanced mixing of the chemicals
* Too much exposure to sun light
* Overpopulation Can Cause Cloudy Water – Putting too many fish in your aquarium can also be a major cause of cloudy water in your tank. The safest recommended maximum population for your tank is one inch of adult fish for every gallon of water in the tank

Though there are not really any serious consequences of cloudy water, it is not good for a better health of your fish. This cloudy water doesn’t give you better view of the fish and you can not immediately make out any changes in the appearance of the fish and it may result in overlooking of any possible diseases.

You should take necessary steps to prevent the cloudy water forming in the tank. The necessary steps you have to take to stop the cloudy water from forming are:

* Clean the tank regularly and remove any decaying plants or residues of food from the tank. This helps in preventing the yellow colored cloudy water in the tank. If you see yellow tint in the water at any time, you can use carbon to get rid of this cloudy water as it absorbs the yellow tint. .

* Don’t expose the water in the tank to light (sun light or normal lights) for a long time. They provoke the growth of algae in the tank which forms a green cloud. Maintain a dim light in the room where you keep the tank to prevent this green tint.

* Sometimes, if you dissolve excess amounts of constituents in the water, the pH level gets disturbed and results in the formation of white cloud. Phosphates, sulphates and other chemical constituents are normally mixed in the water for the better maintenance of the fish but if they are mixed in high quantities, you will find a white cloud. You have to get the pH level of the water checked and you can use conditioners to get rid of the white tint.

By following the above steps, you can get rid of the cloudy water in your fish tank.